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NPRM: Cooperative Arrangements

October 19, 1988

NPRM - Cooperative arrangements between IV-D agencies and courts and law enforcement officials

Revised payment procedures to assist States with the recovery of delinquent child support from noncustodial parents

Requirements to claim federal matching funds for obtaining automatic data processing (ADP) equipment and services

Reduces federal payments to states for 1) administrative costs, 2) incentive payments in AFDC cases, 3) some court costs

Preparation and approval of state agency cost allocation plans used in computing FFP under public assistance programs

Clarifies availability of FFP in allowable state expenditures made before September 30, 1978


Guidance for documenting costs of IV-D services purchased from public agencies or through cooperative agreements

NPRM adds that FFP is not available for the cost of guardians ad litem appointed for minors in IV-D actions

Provides a guide for Tribes and Tribal organizations that may be interested in operating a Child Support Enforcement program

Clarification of treatment of interest earned from non-AFDC collections