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Releases a guide to support efforts to improve the effectiveness of document management within child support agencies

Provides a copy of a report titled: Using Automated Income Data to Establish and Modify Child Support Orders

Answers questions related to Tribal IV-D Programs: FFP for use of State Systems, Tax Refund Offset, FPLS 

Sets forth policy and clarifies areas of difficulty in interpreting federal regulations for automated system projects

Provides a copy of a guide that describes ways to improve the review and adjustment process

Guidance to States regarding the use of state master contracts for State Information Technology products and services

Guidance on using COTS software within automated human services information systems to meet federal agency requirements

Guidance for states seeking an exemption from prior regulations related to state information technology acquisition documents

Provides articles on Automation, Employer Database Best Practices, and Employer New Hire Outreach

Clarification of the Federal requirements for the locate function after the expansion of FPLS and proper procedures