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Requests for proposals/support services for the procurement of automated child support enforcement information systems

Addresses misunderstood areas of automated system projects and clarifies frequently encountered problems

Answers questions related to Tribal IV-D Programs: FFP for use of State Systems, Tax Refund Offset, FPLS 

Use of IRS to collect support for non-AFDC families; federal matching for duties performed by court personnel

Sets forth federal policy for states preparing a child support enforcement system’s streamlined feasibility study

Staffing Standards

September 24, 2010

In FY2008, the Division of Mandatory Grants, with concurrence of OCSE, proposed changes to budgetary guidelines for tribal grantees, including new staffing guidelines

Requires reimbursement from States for the use of FPLS for cases with no required assignment of support to the State

Requirements for receiving expanded federal matching for court costs under P.L. 96-265 

Preparation and approval of state agency cost allocation plans used in computing FFP under public assistance programs

Expands the availability of FFP in IV-D related court activities