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Provides instructions to Hague Convention Countries and Foreign Reciprocating Countries about accessing the FPLS

Informs states to provide only the person's U.S. state of residence when responding to a locate-only request from a Convention country or a foreign reciprocating country

Responds to questions regarding non-IV-D activities that qualify or do not qualify for Federal Financial Participation

Information on the importance of standardization of IV-D case identifiers

Information regarding Federal Case Registry (FCR) data suppression and optional implementation capabilities

Announces the release of an OCSE developed guidebook to assist states in assessing benefits of the NDNH

Notifies States of FCR information given to the IRS and possibility of being contacted to correct taxpayer information

Addresses questions related to NDNH and SDNH under PRWORA

Informs State IV-B, IV-D and IV-E agencies of the capacity to locate non-custodial parents using information from the FPLS

Family Violence (FV) Indicator Override

November 25, 1998

Describes the process allowing a court with proper authority to receive FPLS information despite a family violence indicator