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Employers' frequently asked questions about income withholding

Answers to parents' frequently asked questions

You must contact your local child support agency to make satisfactory arrangements to pay your past-due support obligation

When an individual applies for a passport, the State Department may deny the application based on the child support debt owed by the applicant

In cases where the noncustodial parent owes a child support debt to more than one state, each state will submit their case for offset

Depending on state laws regarding community property, the IRS may intercept all or part of your or your spouse's share of the federal tax refund

States can submit cases for non-TANF debts regardless of the child's age

When tax refunds are processed, those who owe past-due child support are identified and all or part of the refund may be intercepted

If your case meets the following criteria, the child support agency will submit your case to the Federal Tax Refund Offset Program

What you can do if you have information on where a non-paying parent may be