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Provides data submission requirements for the FY 2020 data reliability audits

Implementing provisions that permit auditing States’ data reliability on a cycle less frequently than annually

Announces the NPRM adding regulations to the performance-based incentive system, performance penalties, and audit standards

Proposed rule implementing part of the paternity establishment provisions contained in PRWORA

Implements requirements for states to adopt laws for a civil process for voluntary paternity establishment and related audits/penalties

NPRM - audit of State IV-D programs and financial penalties for failure to comply with requirements

Inclusion of non-penalty recommendations to improve financial or program management in child support state programs

Regulations governing audits of State IV-D programs and penalties for failure to comply with requirements

Proposed regulations which are intended to improve and expedite the current process for auditing state and local IV-D programs

Provides the standard for evaluating paternity establishment beginning with audits conducted for FY1988