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Describes the EDE, FCR, Portal, and State Profile Admin enhancements for implementation in Release 21-03

Provides software interface specification of an electronic version of the National Medical Support Notice for the employer

A resource map showing states operating a child support-led employment program for noncustodial parents

Displays states and territories currently participating in the Insurance Match Debt Inquiry

Provides information about states that pay a fee to financial institutions for processing the quarterly data match

Describes the IRG, FCE, and e-NMSN enhancements for implementation in Release 21-02

State responses to a 2019 National Council of Child Support Director's survey about child support-led employment programs 

Describes the FCE, IRG, and e-NMSN enhancements for implementation in Release 21-02

Initiates a request for disclosure of NDNH information to a federal, state, or local agency for research purposes

Provides option status selected by states to receive additional FPLS data or take advantage of filtering offered by the FCR