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Tribal IRS Safeguarding Guidance

March 8, 2010

Provides IRS security and safeguarding requirements and the appropriate steps needed to ensure the proper handling of FTI

Answers questions related to Tribal IV-D Programs: FFP for use of State Systems, Tax Refund Offset, FPLS 

Clarifies policy on FFP for state system service agreements and using tax refund offsets and FPLS locate in tribal cases

Questions and answers to help tribes and states work cooperatively on the delivery of child support enforcement services

Cooperative agreements between Indian Tribes and State agencies operating a State Child Support Enforcement Program 

Proposed rule requiring States to adopt laws and procedures for a simple civil process for voluntary acknowledgement of paternity

Requires mandatory provisions in all cooperative arrangements between state agencies and courts and law enforcement

NPRM: Cooperative Arrangements

October 19, 1988

NPRM - Cooperative arrangements between IV-D agencies and courts and law enforcement officials

Medicaid guidance to states regarding cooperation with child support, third party liability, and FFP rates

Reduces federal payments to states for 1) administrative costs, 2) incentive payments in AFDC cases, 3) some court costs