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Amendments to grants administration regulations to implement procurement standards and cost principles

APD Reform Presentation

Training for State Staff
April 25, 2012

Describes major changes in the APD rule under the new APD regulations

Changes requirements for claiming FFP for acquisition of ADP equipment/services in the administration of Title IV programs

Final rule changes the requirements of federal funding for automatic data processing equipment and services

Planning APD Template

August 1, 2002

Outline for state systems staff to develop a Planning Advance Planning Document (PAPD)

Sets forth policy and clarifies areas of difficulty in interpreting federal regulations for automated system projects

Final rule on conditions for FFP in the costs of ADP equipment and services under medical and public assistance programs

Sets forth requirements related to the preparation, submission, and review of APDs and supporting documentation

Interim Final Rule on FFP for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) equipment or services in emergency situations

Presentation for state systems staff on the federal regulations regarding prior approval for system procurements and contracts