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Highlights California’s new debt reduction program, Massachusetts’ “Virtual Counter,” and activities from Child Support Awareness Month

Provides guidance to states on sending child support payments to foreign countries where the countries' banks do not process paper checks

Access and Visitation Mandatory Grant Program

A Look Inside OCSE - Story Series
September 2, 2021

OCSE provides annual funding for states and territories to operate the mandatory Access and Visitation Grant program.

Provides data submission requirements for the FY 2021 data reliability audits

Lists state contact information of child support staff that handle passport denial inquiries

Invitation to comment on proposed revisions to annual data report OCSE-75

Reminder to state IV-D agencies to submit the SF-424 Mandatory form through OLDC by Oct. 31, 2021

Features responsible parenting grant recipients, tips to reduce your real estate footprint, and wage withholding examples for employers

Features fatherhood partnerships, Illinois’ equity-centric interest policy, and Michigan’s successful texting tools 

Recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month, how Louisiana leverages retired child support workers, and efforts to protect Native Americans