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Follow-up and correction to PIQ-98-09 regarding furnishing a consumer report for enforcing a child support order

Clarification on policy regarding compromise of arrearages when parents marry or remarry

IV-D agencies sharing child support enforcement information including FPLS, with State IV-B and IV-E agencies

Guidance regarding appropriate case closure criteria for child-only Medicaid cases given certain conditions

Guidance regarding options available for a state to recoup a child support overpayment

Guidance regarding interstate case processing rules as they apply to foreign reciprocating countries

Clarifies the flexibility in setting support obligations and securing collections from low-income parents

Clarifies the use of the standard federal income withholding form with tribal employers

Guidance on the imposition of liens and levies on financial institutions across state lines

Recouping medical and birthing expenses and past-due medical support via the Federal Income Tax Refund Offset Program