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Implements the computerized child support enforcement system provisions in section 405 of P. L. 96-265

NPRM to implement provisions of PRWORA related to child support enforcement program automation

Presentation for state systems staff on the federal regulations regarding prior approval for system procurements and contracts

Availability of Federal funding at the 90 percent and 80 percent FFP rates for costs incurred in automated systems

Interim guidance on APD requirements for State Child Support Agencies to meet State plan requirements

New and revised State plan preprint page 3.8-1 regarding an advance planning document update

Procedures for HHS consideration in approving FFP in state system acquisitions without prior approval

Issues the "Addendum to the State Systems APD Guide" for child support enforcement automated systems 

Procedures for applying for enhanced funds and provides system requirements of a statewide system

Addresses misunderstood areas of automated system projects and clarifies frequently encountered problems