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Provides new and revised State Plan preprint pages due September 30, 1991

Provides notice of the requirement to submit the SF-424M annually through the OLDC system

New and revised State plan preprint page 3.8-1 regarding an advance planning document update

Provides new and revised title IV-D State plan preprint pages, due September 1997

Process for disapproving a State IV-D plan and procedures for taking subsequent action to withhold Federal payments

Describes the online system process for state plan amendments

Addresses issues raised with implementing immediate withholding in non-IV-D cases

Directs states to resubmit state plan preprint page 3.8-3 by Feb. 4, 2021

Informs states of new expiration date and edits of the State Plan Cover Page, Table of Contents and OCSE 21-U4

Establishes procedures for disapproval of a State IV-D plan if a State fails to submit necessary amendments