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Clarifies when states must send the NMSN to DMDC concerning health care coverage for children of military personnel

Paternity Disestablishment

April 28, 2003

Guidance on the impact of paternity disestablishment on the state IV-D program funding and policies

Guidance regarding the implementation of the National Medical Support Notice and other medical support issues

Additional information in response to PIQ-02-01 on client permission and vendor's role in collecting overpayments

Clarification on the purpose and use of the Locate Data Sheet in IV-D cases

Describes UIFSA section 316 provision regarding tribunals accepting electronic documents as evidence

Questions and answers regarding income withholding enforcement for tribes operating a IV-D program

Clarification of the Federal requirements for the locate function after the expansion of FPLS and proper procedures

Clarification on appropriate use of Federal Income Withholding Form: Order/ Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support

Clarification on the inclusion of the OMB control number and expiration date on the standardized IWO form