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Clarification on policy regarding compromise of arrearages when parents marry or remarry

Requests comments from states on providing continued services to persons no longer on AFDC and services to persons on Medicaid

Implements Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act requiring States have procedures to prohibit retroactive modification of arrearages

Reduces or eliminates mandated burdens on States and extends the deadline for having a certified computer system

Spousal Support Only Cases

October 5, 2011

Addresses questions regarding handling and enforcement of spousal support-only cases

Corrects final regulation regarding treatment of assigned support payments received directly and retained by AFDC applicants

Proposed regulations revising processing of garnishment orders for child support and/or alimony related to attorney fees

Guidance regarding appropriate case closure criteria for child-only Medicaid cases given certain conditions

Recaps intervention tested in WA to foster a cooperative relationship between the child support agency and parents during order establishment

Outlines flexibilities that may be available under the Stafford Act due to COVID-19