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Providing appropriate notice to continue IV-D services to former non-AFDC Medicaid and title IV-E foster care recipients

IV-D agencies sharing child support enforcement information including FPLS, with State IV-B and IV-E agencies

Initiates a request for disclosure of NDNH information to a federal, state, or local agency for research purposes

Encourages States to use every available resource to facilitate family preservation and promote adoption

 Final Rule revises the timeframes for distribution of the $50.00 pass through

Provides information to State child support enforcement and child welfare agencies to improve interagency communications

Informs State IV-B, IV-D and IV-E agencies of the capacity to locate non-custodial parents using information from the FPLS

Provides instructions for State agencies on the distribution of child support

Guidance regarding appropriate procedures for working case referrals on previously closed IV-D cases

Procedures for obtaining and using FPLS information for parental kidnapping, child custody or visitation purposes