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Provides the calculation and recoupment of the Federal share of collections made on behalf of children in foster care

Provides information regarding the child support agency's authority to share case information with child welfare

Providing appropriate notice to continue IV-D services to former non-AFDC Medicaid and title IV-E foster care recipients

IV-D agencies sharing child support enforcement information including FPLS, with State IV-B and IV-E agencies

Encourages States to use every available resource to facilitate family preservation and promote adoption

Provides instructions for State agencies on the distribution of child support

Procedures for obtaining and using FPLS information for parental kidnapping, child custody or visitation purposes

Guidance regarding appropriate procedures for working case referrals on previously closed IV-D cases

 Final Rule revises the timeframes for distribution of the $50.00 pass through

Provides information to State child support enforcement and child welfare agencies to improve interagency communications