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Guidance regarding appropriate case closure criteria for child-only Medicaid cases given certain conditions

NPRM proposing technical corrections, timely NDNH data, and conforming amendments to Child Support regulations

Issues the Flexibility, Efficiency, and Modernization in Child Support Enforcement Programs final rule

Updated Interstate Child Support Policy

November 18, 2020

Updated questions and answers on interstate child support policy

Clarification of policy on case closure for interstate cases when the custodial parent's whereabouts are unknown

Proposed regulation to implement the Family Support Act by revising case processing requirements and distribution timeframes

Provides guidance to policy, program, and technical staff for increasing efficiency and accuracy of case closure in CSE systems

A 2018 article series from the Child Support Report

Guidance regarding appropriate procedures for working case referrals on previously closed IV-D cases

Guidance on securing child support from a noncustodial parents who is in the Witness Protection Program