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Child Support 2016: More Money for Families

Infographic on Collections, Caseload and Cost-Effectiveness
August 23, 2017

Infographic on collections, caseload and cost-effectiveness of the child support program based on FY 2016 preliminary data

Summarizes the behavioral intervention tested in Vermont OCSE's under the BICS grant

Summarizes noncustodial parent outcomes from the Paycheck Plus Section 1115 waiver demonstration project in New York City

Summarizes an experiment in Colorado designed to increase payments in the months immediately following order establishment

Incorporating Procedural Justice-Informed Strategies into Child Support Services

Training Approaches Applied in the PJAC Demonstration Project
September 18, 2019

Describes specialized training provided to child support staff who are adopting procedural justice-informed approaches

Summarizes findings from five sites about the multi-year PTOC pilot grant

Summarizes data on AV grant program services from FY 2018 program reports submitted by states and territories