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How to Complete an Income Withholding for Support Order

A Guide to the IWO and Instructions
January 19, 2021

Training presentation provides directions on how to complete the Income Withholding for Support Order (IWO)

Provides an overview of the statutes that created the financial institution data match program

State responses to a 2019 National Council of Child Support Director's survey about child support-led employment programs 

Summarizes the results of a series of meetings and associated training workshops of the Tribal CSE Systems Workgroup

Provides information about Insurance Match Debt Inquiry application available on the Child Support Portal

Provides overview of remedies to collect delinquent child support debts

QUICK State Status

February 17, 2021

Identifies states in QUICK production or in development and categorized by type: Financial and Case Activities or Financial only

Provides program background and details on the process for exchanging information with multistate financial institutions

Provides the authority and requirements for the comparison of state workers' compensation agency data with child support data

A resource map showing states operating a child support-led employment program for noncustodial parents