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Clarifying Use of the Locate Data Sheet


Published: June 6, 2001


DATE: June 6, 2001

TO: State IV-D Directors

FROM: Frank Fuentes, Acting Commissioner, Office of Child Support Enforcement

SUBJECT: Clarifying Use of the Locate Data Sheet

OCSE issued AT-00-11 on December 18, 2000, distributing the revised Federally approved Uniform Interstate Family Support Act forms. One of those forms, the Locate Data Sheet, incorrectly included reference to non-IV-D cases and added a definition of non-IV-D cases in the instructions to the form which could be interpreted to indicate that a State or private party could request information from a State on a non-IV-D case by sending a request for a quick locate directly to the State’s Parent Locator Service (SPLS) for purposes of child custody and parental kidnapping. This is not accurate. We want to re-emphasize that the only purpose of the Locate Data Sheet is to permit one State to transmit to another State a request for assistance in locating a parent or the noncustodial parent’s income or assets for child support purposes in a IV-D case. We will revise the form and its instructions and re-publish via Action Transmittal.

OCSE-AT-91-09 clarifies that quick locates are requests made for IV-D child support purposes by State IV-D agencies directly to another State’s SPLS. OCSE-AT-93-03, in the response to Question #5, states that Federal policy distinguishes incoming locate requests made directly to a State’s SPLS by another State (i.e., quick locate) from cases in which the request is received through the responding State’s central registry as an interstate referral. In the former instance, the locate request is not considered an interstate referral and the responding State does not open an interstate case. Whenever possible, requests for quick locate should be made via CSENet.

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