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Correspondence and Payment Processing Information for Foreign Reciprocating Countries


Published: October 21, 2013



DATE: October 21, 2013


RE: Correspondence and Payment Processing Information for Foreign Reciprocating Countries

Dear Colleague:

To assist in international case processing, OCSE now displays detailed correspondence and payment processing information for each Foreign Reciprocating Country (FRC) on our international webpage.  Each FRC’s Central Authority verified its own address and payment information; OCSE will update the information as necessary.

Please take note of the variety of approaches to payment processing. Most countries direct U.S. state child support agencies to send payments to the correspondence address.  However, some countries prefer state agencies send payments to a different address, or according to instructions in the case packet, such as to the custodial parent or a local court.  

Correspondence and payment processing information is located under “Other Resources” on OCSE’s country-specific webpages, and may be accessed directly: Alberta; Australia; British Columbia; Czech Republic (no longer available); El Salvador; England and Wales; Finland; Hungary; Ireland (no longer available); Israel; Manitoba; Netherlands (no longer available); New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; Northern Ireland (no longer available); Northwest Territories; Norway (no longer available); Nova Scotia; Nunavut; Ontario; Poland (no longer available); Prince Edward Island; Portugal (no longer available); Saskatchewan; Scotland; Slovak Republic (no longer available); Switzerland; and Yukon.

We have also used this information to update the online Intergovernmental Reference Guide (IRG) which offers online access to child support information for all U.S. states, territories, and tribes with child support programs, as well as address information for all FRCs.  Previously, the IRG only displayed a correspondence address for FRCs.  Now the IRG may display a second address field for countries that have a separate payment address.  To find the most detailed payment processing information for each country, however, we encourage you to refer to the country-specific webpage on the OCSE website.

We hope that you will find this information useful.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at ocseinternational@acf.hhs.gov

Thank you for your efforts to ensure that children involved in international cases receive child support. 


Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers

Last Reviewed: February 1, 2018

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