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Determination of Controlling Orders


Published: May 25, 2000


DATE: MAY 25, 2000



Dear Colleague:

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is working with States and other child support enforcement community participants on an interstate work group which is focused on aligning interstate case processing and the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). The States have requested that OCSE provide information, material, and/or resources that will be helpful in making determinations of controlling orders as required in UIFSA §207. They are as follows:


In order to encourage standardized usage in the interstate case processing area, OCSE developed a course titled Processing Interstate/UIFSA Child Support Cases. The course was piloted tested in 1998, the Trainer’s Guide was disseminated in January 1999, and course deliveries are being conducted as needed. The course is organized into seven modules, with Module III containing information pertaining to determination of controlling orders. (Please see the Attachment which provides Module III: The Controlling Order and Continuing Exclusive Jurisdiction.) The course is now available in three formats:

1. Paper Copy: The course (in zip file) can be downloaded from OCSE's National Electronic Child Support Resource System (NECSRS) (no longer available online).

2. Computer Based Training (CBT): Disseminated with DCL-99-92, the course was converted to a self-instructional Computer Based Training on CD-ROM. DCL- 98-9 discusses the minimum computer specifications for the CBTs.

3. Web Based Training (WBT): To broaden accessibility, the CBT course was converted to a WBT course. (Possession of the CD-ROM is not necessary) One can access the course on NECSRS (no longer available online).

Later in the year OCSE will be developing and forwarding to the States a new TEMPO (Techniques for Effective Management of Program Operations) which will outline procedures for making a determination of controlling order.


Various States have developed excellent training material in this area. Examples include:

Counting Orders Criteria Check List, Bureau of Collections, Department of Human Services; Des Moines, IA.

Interstate Actions Made Easy, Division of Child Support Enforcement, Office of Temporary Assistance; Albany, NY.


Controlling Order Analysis/Controlling Order Determination, Center for the Support of Families; Chevy Chase, MD.

UIFSA-CEJ and Controlling Order Determination, Policy Studies Inc.; Denver, CO.

An Interactive Controlling Order Application; Policy Studies Inc.; Denver, CO.

UIFSA Enforcement Flowchart, Service Design Associates, A Division of Tier Technologies; Walnut Creek, CA.

As we have worked together on child support enforcement program reforms, the effort and dedication of the States has been particularly impressive. We look forward to continuing to work with States in improving interstate case processing. Once again, let me thank you for your efforts to improve the lives of our Nation’s children.


David Gray Ross
Office of Child Support Enforcement


cc: ACF Regional Administrators
ACF/CSE Regional Program Managers
ACF/CSE Regional Training Liaisons
CSE State Training Liaisons

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