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Driver's Licsense Reinstatement Notification - Ohio

2007 Best Practices

Published: December 1, 2008

Goal: Increase collections without having to utilize the driver's license enforcement technique unless absolutely necessary.

Description: The Guernsey County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) began including bright pink sheets of paper identifying the terms of driver's license reinstatement with the notices sent to an obligor warning that their driver's license could be suspended. Including the reinstatement requirements with the notice of CSEA intent to suspend not only advises obligors of what will be required once a suspension has been placed but also encourages them to make arrangements for payment before the driver's license is suspended. Printing this information on the bright pink paper gets an obligor's attention more than a white piece of paper.

Results: Guernsey County began this practice in February 2007. Preliminary results appear to be very promising. Of the obligors that were sent the reinstatement requirements on bright pink paper, 56 percent have contacted the CSEA to make arrangements to avoid license suspension.

Location: Guernsey County is a rural county.

Funding: This practice costs very little since the only additional cost is pink paper.

Replication Advice: This practice can be replicated in any county or State with little cost.


Barbara Paden Guernsey County Child Support Enforcement Supervisor Phone: 740-432-2381 ext. 2226 Email: Sue Pavlik Guernsey County Child Support Enforcement Agency Department Manager Phone: 740-432-2381 ext. 2223


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