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FCR Release 09-01 Major: Specifications

Implementation Date: April 3, 2009

Published: January 5, 2009

The Federal Case Registry (FCR) is being modified as follows:

  1. Provide states with a means to break the link with an incorrect SSN (i.e., an SSN that does not belong to their case participant) on the FCR.
  2. Distinguish a verified additional SSN/name combination submitted by a state from a multiple SSN issued by SSA to the same person.  States should exercise caution when using additional SSNs that are not known by SSA as belonging to the same person, especially when taking enforcement actions.
  3. Provide states with the option to periodically match their IV-D adult participants against the Annual Wage Reporting (AWR) database. This option helps states locate self-employed individuals.  It also helps states locate persons whose employment is not covered by state unemployment compensation, which may include significant agricultural segments of the economy or non-profit institutions.
Last Reviewed: January 15, 2020

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