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FY1998 Annual Report to Congress

Office of Child Support Enforcement

Published: December 1, 1998

Twenty-Third Annual Report to Congress

Table of Contents

List of Tables
FY 1998 Program Highlights
Foreword by Secretary Shalala
Recent Accomplishments (FY 1999 and Following)

The Child Support Enforcement Program: An Overview
- Program Implementation
- Paternity Establishment
- Interstate Enforcement
- Automation
- Technical Assistance and Training
- The Expanded Federal Parent Locator Service
- National Directory of New Hires
- Federal Case Registry
- Federal Parent Locator Service
- Federal Tax Refund and Administrative Offset Programs
- Passport Denial Program
- Audit
- Self-Assessment

Service To Customers
- Division of Consumer Services
- OCSE Webpage
- Public Inquiries
- National Resource Center
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys
- OIG Survey of States' Satisfaction with OCSE
- Hispanic Initiatives
- Child Support Report

Special Initiatives
- The Big 8
- Child Support Enforcement Financing Consultation Project
- Tribal Activities
- Special Improvement Projects and Tribal Planning Grants
- Project Save Our Children

Collaboration and Partnerships
- Responsible Fatherhood Demonstrations
- Grants to States for Access and Visitation
- Domestic Violence
- International Activities



A. FY 98 Program Results
B. Regional and State Box Scores
C. State Data Tables
D. FY 98 Action Transmittals
E. State Child Support Enforcement Agencies (This information is outdated and has been removed on 03/11/2009)
F. OCSE Organization Charts
G. Legislative History of Child Support
H. Fact Sheets and News Releases

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