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Partnering with other programs, including outreach, referral, and case management activities


Published: December 7, 2012

In PIQ-12-02 (attached below), we clarify that certain activities are allowable child support expenditures under title IV-D of the Social Security Act if they are incidental and related to establishing paternity, or establishing, modifying, enforcing, and obtaining support. 

This PIQ recognizes certain allowable activities, such as referrals to other programs, development and dissemination of educational materials about the child support program, child support educators or liaisons, child support case management, and other incidental activities that support the core purposes of the program. 

While not a comprehensive list of allowable activities under title IV-D, we highlight selected activities to encourage states to partner with other programs to supplement traditional establishment and enforcement procedures with early intervention and family‑centered strategies designed to increase the ability and commitment of parents to support their children. 

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