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Project 1099


Published: April 27, 1989


Dear Colleague:

Enclosed you will find an updated Action Transmittal pertaining to recent changes in the information available and the tape specifications for Project 1099, a prime location technique used since 1984, has been enhanced to routinely provide wage and employer information as well as locate and asset data on absent parents.

In 1988, IRS agreed to expand the information provided through 1099 to include wage and employer information in order to facilitate States' efforts to review and modify cases with inequitable low support orders.

As part of the expansion, IRS agreed to conduct a test during our regularly scheduled quarterly match in November, 1988. The test showed that expanding the information to include wage information has very positive results. Prior to the expansion, the match rate on Project 1099 was approximately 48%. For the test with the addition of employer/wage information, our match rate increased to a much higher 84%. Furthermore, during FY88 over 559,000 cases were submitted to IRS -- a positive testimony to its usefulness. All States are strongly encouraged to utilize Project 109 for locating absent parents and obtaining employment information whether for initiating support actions or for review and modification of support orders. Please keep in mind, however, that information obtained through Project 1099 must be verified by an independent source before it can be used and must be carefully safeguarded in accordance with IRS rules.

Finally, please note that there are changes, as highlighted in Exhibit C of the enclosed tape specifications. These changes in the tape specifications are effective for the quarterly match scheduled for August. Wage information is available immediately. If you have any questions, please contact the Special Collections Unit on (202) 252-5417.


Robert C. Harris

Associate Deputy Director

Last Reviewed: June 1, 2019

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