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Recommendations for Data Standards for CSE-TANF Data Exchange


Published: October 5, 2006




DATE: October 5, 2006


RE: Recommendations for Data Standards for CSE-TANF Data Exchange

Dear Colleague:

In 1989, OCSE issued Action Transmittal (AT) 89-09 detailing the minimum set of data elements to be exchanged via an interface between certified Family Assistance Management Information Systems (FAMIS) and CSE systems. Since 1989, both the child support and public assistance programs have undergone substantial changes. However, the modifications in program scope and purpose that have emerged over the past 15 years have not reduced the need for information sharing. In fact, there is greater need for data exchange.

AT 89-09 specifies minimum data exchange requirements. In practice, the actual information shared between IV-A and IV-D systems is greater. OCSE convened a workgroup of State TANF and Child Support staff to discuss methods of improving the data exchange between the two agencies. We have completed our interviews and research and are close to issuing a document recommending new standards. However, before we finalize the document, we are seeking input from States on a section that involves standardized data element formats.

A section of the proposed document involved researching the format standards used for CSE-TANF data elements in other child support applications and recommending standard data elements. States are not required to adopt these recommended data elements or transaction formats. The adoption of these data formats is entirely voluntary. However, the workgroup did determine that standardized data elements, definitions and formats would be useful for States that are considering improvements to their TANF-CSE data exchange or other State Enterprise Architecture efforts.

Attached is the draft standard for the CSE-TANF data exchange referral. We are requesting that you review the recommended data standards and respond within 30-days. Please email your comments or recommendations to Greg Jordan at

Following this review period, OCSE will submit final recommendations for CSE-TANF standardized data elements to the OCSE Data Standards Oversight Board.

To receive more information regarding TANF-CSE data exchange or the workgroup’s recommendation, please contact Greg Jordan at (202) 401-4975 or via email.


Margot Bean
Office of Child Support Enforcement


cc: Regional Program Managers
ACF Regional Administrators

Last Reviewed: May 28, 2020

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