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Release 04-01 Minor: Manifest

Published: April 16, 2004

Describes the following Federal Case Registry (FCR), Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet) and Federal Offset Program (FOP) enhancements for implementation in August 2004:

  • Create an edit on asterisk and backslash in the Case Identifier (ID)
  • Return self-employment information on Social Security Administration (SSA) Locates
  • Create a new transaction to support Interstate Business communication
  • Modify Case ID and Other-Case-ID validation criteria to match FCR Case ID validation criteria
  • Provide states with a more efficient method of submitting case updates
  • Provide additional date fields on the DoS Certification or Withdrawal Screen
  • Provide states with an enhanced Current Year Query Screen for case information
  • Provide states whose notices are generated by Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) with an option to request that a Pre-Offset Notice be generated at any time on an existing case
  • Provide additional warning code counts in the Reject Control Record and on the Weekly Update Report
  • Provide state with a filing status indicator (single or joint) in the offset detail record on the online query screen

Also provides contact information, state impact and business requirements for each enhancement. 

Last Reviewed: January 15, 2020

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