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OCSE Grants Involving Child Support and Judicial Collaboration


Published: September 24, 2007



ATTACHMENT:   "Working Better Together for Families and Children, A Summary of OCSE Child Support Enforcement and Judicial Collaboration Grants"

DATE: September 24, 2007


RE: A New Publication Summarizing OCSE Grants Involving Child Support and Judicial Collaboration

Dear Colleague:

This Report is designed to provide highlights, results and lessons learned from a variety of 28 Section 1115 and Special Improvement Project (SIP) grant projects involving collaboration between child support enforcement agencies and the judicial system. The courts play an intricate role in processing and enforcing child support cases. The OCSE grant projects demonstrated that enhanced collaboration between child support agencies and the courts generally improved child support program efficiencies and/or provided better services for parents.

These grant projects represent a wide-range of strategies from improving child support case management to the provision of child support services. Some grant projects focused on improving collaboration, case processing and other management-related areas, while others focused on services addressing non-custodial parent issues related to incarceration, access and visitation, and employment. Results are included for those grant projects that have been completed; however, some projects are still being implemented.

We hope you find this Report a useful resource in your continued efforts to work effectively with the judicial system to improve the child support program on behalf of families and children. The Report is also accessible via the OCSE website. If you would like additional information on the attached publication, please contact Susan Greenblatt, Deputy Director, Division of State, Tribal and Local Assistance, OCSE at 202-401-4849.


Margot Bean
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: OCSE Regional Program Managers


Last Reviewed: May 28, 2019

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