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Security Assessment Tool and State Security Contact Designation


Published: July 13, 2000


JUL 13, 2000


RE: Security Assessment Tool and State Security Contact Designation

Dear Colleague:

Child support agencies are privileged to have access to many powerful databases, and are exercising increasing authority over individuals and their assets. This authority carries with it the responsibility to safeguard the personal data of our customers, and to ensure the personal safety of child support staff. We rely more heavily than ever on automated resources so that we may more efficiently and effectively communicate with each other. While this approach has greatly expedited our work on behalf of children, there are inherent security risks associated with it. A breach of security may occur at any time, endangering both personnel and data.

We have developed the enclosed "Security Assessment Tool" to provide you with the ability to assess your agency’s security preparedness. This tool is designed to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses with respect to security issues; it has been developed as a companion to other security resources developed by the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), including a security video and training courses targeted to a variety of staff. Executive summaries of these resources are included at the conclusion of the Security Assessment Tool.

Because security of personnel, facilities and data will remain critical issues for the foreseeable future, we are asking that you designate a Security Contact with whom we may communicate on these issues. This individual should have a familiarity with your computer systems, as well as knowledge of security plans that are already in place.

Please complete the attached Security Designation Form and return it to OCSE via fax at (202) 401-5558. You may also e-mail your designation to [Contact obsolete]. For more information on this or any of OCSE’s security initiatives, please contact [Contact Obsolete]..

Thank you for your continued commitment as we work with you to improve the lives of our nation’s children.


David Gray Ross
Office of Child Support Enforcement


cc: Regional Program Managers
Regional Administrators
State Training Liaisons

Security Assessment Tool

Security Designation Form

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