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Switzerland Correspondence and Payment Processing Information

Published: July 15, 2013


State agencies should send all child support case correspondence to the Federal Office of Justice, Central Authority for Maintenance Matters: 

Federal Office of Justice
Central Authority for Maintenance Matters
Bundesrain 20
CH-3003 Bern

Phone: 011-41-31-324-8048
Fax: 011-41-31-322-4279


State agencies should send child support payments directly to the payment address indicated in the application (different in each case).

Payment addresses are different in each case sent from Switzerland to the United States of America and costs for cashing checks in Switzerland are very high. The preferred payment method is wire transfer. Therefore the Swiss Central Authority will in each application indicate two payment addresses which are only valid for the particular case: The payment address for wire transfers and the address to which checks have to be sent if wire transfer is not possible. If in a case there is a doubt where to send payments, it is recommended to contact the Swiss Central Authority.

Bank Account Details:

  • Name of Bank: Swiss National Bank
  • Address of Bank: Börsenstrasse 15, CH-8022 Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  • Bank Clearing Number: 100
  • Name of Account Holder: Federal Finance Administration
  • Address of Account Holder: Monbijoustrasse 118, CH-3003 Bern, SWITZERLAND
  • Account number: 15100.07203
  • IBAN number: CH53 0011 5001 5100 0720 3

Additional Comments:

Include : "1030 – Federal Office of Justice", full names of obligee and debtor, reference number beginning "L"


Last Reviewed: July 1, 2020

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