Building Program Awareness through Digital Marketing Interventions

January 13, 2021

The October/ November Child Support Report originally featured this article by Kara Pasqua, Director, Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services. 

When the Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services received the Digital Marketing grant in 2018, the program staff immediately worked on the first of its three interventions – a redesigned website to enhance basic awareness of the program. New additions to the website include a one-minute video about their child support services and clickable tabs with court and payment information, downloadable forms, contact information, and material that might be useful to a child support customer.

Redesigned website

The new website Visit disclaimer page launched in July 2019 and the data indicates its possible success in increasing awareness:

  • 263% increase in traffic to the redesigned web­site compared to the older website
  • 44% increase in distributed applications
  • 3% increase in completed new applications

Informational videos

The goal of the second intervention was to develop informational videos. The program worked with a local company to develop three videos:

  • Child Support 101
  • Overview of Genetic Testing
  • What to Expect at Court

Cherokee Nation targeted counties within the reservation that had less than 25 open cases. Between January 1 and March 31, 2020, the program advertised one video on Facebook each month. The table below displays the total views of each video.

Month Video Total Views
January Child Support 101 26,032
February Genetic Testing 50,252
March What to Expect at Court 17,079

The research team will provide additional details and analysis in their interim report for Intervention 2. In the meantime, readers can view the videos on the Cherokee Nation video library page Visit disclaimer page .

Upon completion of Intervention 2, Cherokee Nation looks forward to completing the final intervention in FY 2021 – texting services with child support customers.