Publication Date: March 3, 2016



In 2002, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) initiated the Interstate Workgroup, composed of representatives from OCSE and eleven states.  The workgroup analyzed interstate communications and recommended improvements in the area of sharing information on financial, order, and case activities.  The workgroup identified the need to access financial data on interstate cases as a high priority for workers.  As a result, we initiated the Query Interstate Cases for Kids (QUICK) pilot project, which ended September 15, 2006.  This innovative application is now a national program.

What is QUICK?

QUICK is an electronic communication tool used by IV-D agencies to improve the quality and timeliness of intergovernmental case processing and customer service responses.  QUICK is a browser-based application that allows an authorized user to view case data from another state in real time.  The Financial module presents financial and basic case data.  The Case Activities module provides information on business actions taken by the other state, including locate, paternity, order establishment, and enforcement activities, as well as case status and contact information for the worker in the other state.

QUICK Purpose

  • Facilitates timely data sharing through real-time access to another state's data
  • Provides states with a standard and secure user interface
  • Uses standardized data elements to share information
  • Presents data in a format with a similar "look and feel"

QUICK Benefits to States

  • Allows access to information in real time without involving a worker in the other state
  • Provides some information not available through other electronic means
  • Provides improved consistency of data definitions
  • Expedites case management by providing data when the worker needs it
  • Improves case processing - workers can take the next action faster
  • Saves time and money on the cost of paper, copying, faxing, telephone calls, and postage
  • Improves the quality and timeliness of customer service responses

What Can Caseworkers Expect?

Throughout the day, workers touch many cases that may need information for a next step.  In addition, custodial parties and noncustodial parents are asking questions about their cases, such as "Has my support order been established?" or "Has the paternity test been completed?"  Now caseworkers will have the ability to obtain that information almost instantaneously - in 3 to 10 seconds!

Because information is immediately available, QUICK saves time, and cases can be worked faster to increase payments to children and decrease arrears.

Becoming a QUICK Participant

To participate in QUICK, and gain the ability to view data from other participating states, a state must agree to make data from its system available to those states as well.  For states considering developing the Case Activities module, OCSE requests that the Financial module be developed first or that the two modules be developed simultaneously.

Note: QUICK entails single-case, state-to-state communications and is not intended to replace batch processing.

For information about QUICK, call 800-258-2736 or e-mail csportal@acf.hhs.gov.

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