Arrears Reconciliation Calculator

Publication Date: August 14, 2003

The Reconciliation Calculator is designed to help child support line workers quickly and easily determine the total amount of child support owed and paid in cases in which an obligor has child support orders for the same child in more than one state or U.S. territory. The Calculator is simply a set of Excel worksheets (attached) that automatically calculate the total amount of unpaid support across all cases after the worker enters basic information about each order, such as order effective date, ordered payment amount, and total payments made per year.

The Calculator has the capacity to track the amount of child support owed and paid on up to five orders over a 25-year period. It automatically determines which order is the "charging order" each month and applies the interest rate associated with that order to any unpaid balances. The Calculator generates a one-page Summary Sheet that provides grand totals across all orders as well as year-by-year breakdowns of payments owed and made, arrearages accrued, interest charges, and unpaid fees. It also generates a separate printable page for each year in which an order was in effect. These Annual Pages show the amount of support due each month, accrued arrearages, the applicable interest rate on arrears, and the total payments made on all orders.

The Summary Sheet and Annual Pages are intended to be used by workers to explain to custodial and non-custodial parents, court officials, and others how payments made under multiple orders were reconciled with the total amount of support due. The calculator can be shared electronically with tribunals to facilitate the determination of support due in contested cases.


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