eTerm Process Overview

Publication Date: July 10, 2014

Electronic Termination (eTerm) allows employers to report employee terminations online. Registered employers provide information about employee terminations (or that an individual has never worked for them) either by uploading a file or entering information in the online eTerm application.

How Employers Can Participate

  • Employers currently registered with the Lump Sum Reporting application on OCSE’s Child Support Services Portal are automatically enrolled in eTerm.
  • Employers who are not registered for the Lump Sum Reporting application should contact the Employer Services Team at for a brief demonstration of the application. Once the demonstration is completed, employers can register to use both the eTerm and Lump Sum Reporting applications by completing the Employer Services Agreement and Profile form.

eTerm Process


  • Provides notification that the person is no longer or was never employed by the employer
  • Receives an acknowledgment indicating whether the file was successfully uploaded to the Child Support Portal
  • Views report files, which are available for download for 60 days.

eTerm Application:

  • Generates notification of the termination to the state either through an e-IWO file (if the state participates with e-IWO) or
  • Sends an email notification of the termination to the appropriate state child support agency.

See State Participation Status.

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