Federal Offset Program (FOP) Technical Guide

Version 12.0

Publication Date: December 10, 2012

The FOP Technical Guide (PDF) provides state IV-D agencies with information about the technical aspects of establishing and maintaining the interfaces that are needed between their statewide automated systems and the FOP.  Although the primary audience is the state IV-D agency technical staff, this document provides basic information to assist state IV-D administrative, programmatic, and policy staff in understanding the functionality of the FOP.  In brief, this guide (PDF) provides:

  1. Overview of the FOP
  2. Detailed information regarding FOP processing of state data
  3. Explanation of FOP Pre-Offset Notices (PONs)
  4. Explanation of Financial Management Service (FMS) procedures
  5. Explanation of Department of State (DoS) procedures
  6. Detailed information regarding FOP online processing
  7. Technical information about submitting and receiving data
  8. Guidance on the use of FOP data


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