Interstate Case Processing Training Materials

Publication Date: August 15, 2018
SESSION # Descriptions & Files
Session 1:
Interstate 101

Provides an introduction to the principles in interstate case processing.

Session 2:
Interstate 201

Provides a more in-depth explanation of interstate case processing principles, as a companion to the "Interstate 101" training.

Session 3:
Interstate Scenarios

Explores principles and procedures in interstate case processing through interactive scenarios.

Session 4:
Interstate Payment Processing

Describes the principles of interstate payment processing and illustrates with scenarios.

Session 5:
Interstate Case Closure

Explains case closure requirements in the interstate context and illustrates with scenarios.

Session 6:
OCSE Interstate Tools and Resources

Describes OCSE/federal interstate systems such as CSENet, the Portal, EDE, FCR Query, QUICK, and the IRG. Includes interactive case processing scenarios.

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