Interstate Case Reconciliation-Federal Case Registry Supplemental Match Reason Codes

Quick Reference

Publication Date: October 31, 2019

This document is a quick-reference for understanding reason codes returned when a match is not found for cases submitted to the Federal Case Registry (FCR) for matching against another state’s Interstate Case Reconciliation (ICR) extract file.

ICR-FCR Supplemental Match Reason Codes

The ICR match assigns the following reason codes based on a comparison of your case against the FCR.

Reason Code 09: Case Found on the FCR Not Reported to ICR

You did not submit the case in your ICR extract file, but the other state submitted a case that matches a case from your state on the FCR.

Consider the following when reconciling Reason Code 09:

  • It's possible the other state sent you a request for interstate assistance, but the request is so recent that you did not have time to create the interstate case.
  • The interstate action on your case is open but missing an important piece of data such as the Other State Case ID, or an initiating or responding indicator, to identify it as an interstate case.
  • Your case is open as an interstate case, but the interstate action is with a state different from the state on your results file.
  • If your state is sending payments to or receiving payments from the other state, your case likely needs to be an interstate case.

Hot Tip Image   If your case receives Reason Code 09, OCSE recommends that you reconcile the discrepancy to determine why your state did not submit the case in your ICR extract file.

Reason Code 10: Case Is a Non-IV-D Case on the FCR

The ICR match found a case in the other state that is a non-IV-D case. The other state receives Reason Code 09 informing them of the case in common.
  • If you are the initiating state, it may not be appropriate for the other state to have a non-IV-D case. For example, if the custodial party is still in your state and receives public assistance, the other state must send payments to your state for proper disbursement. Contact the other state to provide updated information, including case status, your case ID, and locator code.
  • If you are the responding state, the other state’s non-IV-D case may be appropriate. For example, if the other state requested interstate assistance from your state and subsequently changed the case status to non-IV-D because the custodial party discontinued IV-D services, the other state may have failed to notify you to close your case. Contact the other state to request a status on the case.

Reason Code 11: Family Violence Indicator (FVI) Present, Found on FCR

  • There is nothing to reconcile for Reason Code 11
  • It is notification to protect information.

You receive Reason Code 11 on all case participants if the ICR match found a case in common with the other state and the FVI is present. Because the FCR prohibits release of information for persons protected with FVI, the results suppress identifying data such as name, Social Security number, and date of birth. By protecting all case participants, the results do not single out the person flagged with FVI.

Hot Tip Image   Do not update your case with an FVI just because you receive Reason Code 11. If you place an FVI on your case based on information received from another state, the FVI could remain on your case even after the other state determines it's no longer necessary. It's also possible the other state placed the FVI on a participant for an entirely different case. Contact with the other state is likely necessary.

For more information about the codes related to the Initial ICR match, refer to the ICR Quick Reference.


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