Interstate Case Reconciliation Reason Codes

Quick Reference

Publication Date: October 31, 2019

This document is a quick-reference for understanding reason codes returned on cases and case participants submitted to the Interstate Case Reconciliation (ICR) match project.

Hot Tip Image   Case Structures

Case structures vary from state to state. For example, your state may allow multiple CPs or NCPs on a single case, whereas the other state may require a separate case for each NCP or CP. The CP and NCP indicators tell you whether these adults matched on both states’ interstate cases by participant type. It is important to check these indicators before reconciling other identified discrepancies.

ICR Match Reason Codes

The ICR match assigns reason codes based on a comparison of your extract file to the other state’s extract file.

Reason Code 00: Case Data Matched

The ICR matching routine found the same case ID, locator code, and case status in the other state as submitted by your state. If the match indicators for both the Custodial Party (CP) and Noncustodial Parent (NCP) are set to “Y,” then no further action is required on this participant.

Hot Tip Image   Congratulations, you can communicate smoothly on this case!

Reason Code 01: Could Not Find a Matching Case in the Other State

A matching interstate case could not be found in the other state’s ICR file. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the case does not exist in the other state. The ICR matching routine may not have identified the case for several reasons:

  • The other state does not identify its case as an interstate case.
  • The other state overwrote your state’s interstate action with information from subsequent interstate actions.
  • Your case contains an incorrect Other State Case ID, and your case or the other state’s case contains no Social Security numbers (SSNs) for any of the case participants.

We run the “not found” cases from the Initial Match through the ICR-Federal Case Registry (FCR) Supplemental Match and compare them to the other state’s cases on the FCR to identify a matching case. You can identify the cases found on the FCR by a “Y” in position 242 of the response file. For more information about the ICR-FCR match codes, refer to the ICR-FCR Supplemental Match Quick Reference.

Reason Code 02: Case ID Mismatch, Case Found by Matching a Child in Common by SSN or Name if an Adult Also Matches

The case ID your state maintains for the other state is incorrect. However, a corresponding case in the other state was found based on matching a child SSN in common or an adult SSN/participant type and child name in common with your interstate case.

Hot Tip Image   You must enter the Other State Case ID exactly as provided on your results file. We recommend automating the process for reconciling Reason Code 02.

Reason Code 03: Incorrect Locator Code for the Other State

The 3-digit locator code for the office working the case in the other state is incorrect, and the ICR match provided a corrected locator code.

For ICR purposes, some states submit “000” as the locator code on their ICR extract file so that their Central Registry receives all inquiries related to reconciliation efforts; however, they do not want you to update your system with “000.” They want the 3-digit locator code of the county actually working the case to remain associated with the case.

To eliminate confusion, OCSE does not return Reason Code 03 identifying locator code “000” in your results file for those selected states.

Reason Code 04: Your Case Is Open, Matches to Closed Case in the Other State

An open interstate case in your state matched a closed interstate case in the other state.

When your state is the initiating state, ask these questions to help you determine the most effective action to take on your initiating interstate case:

  • Has the responding state provided information on this case?
  • Has the Federal Case Registry already provided any of these?
    • FCR-to-FCR proactive matches from any state.
    • National Directory of New Hires (NDNH) information
    • Multistate Financial Institution Data Match (MSFIDM) information
    • Death information on the NCP
  • Do you need the assistance of another state to take the next required action on your open case?
    • Does your state system process payments on this case?
    • Is there a support order attached to this case?
    • Are arrears owed to your state?

    When your state is the responding state, examine whether the CP or NCP has applied for child support services in your state. If not, determine if you can close this case following federal case closure criteria.

Reason Code 05: Your Case Is Closed, Matches to Open Case in the Other State

A closed interstate case in your state matched an open interstate case in the other state.

Hot Tip Image   It is more practical if the state with the open interstate case assumes responsibility for reconciling this discrepancy.

Reason Code 06: This Participant was Not Found in the Other State

Discontinued - OCSE removed Reason Code 06 from the ICR process in 2016. The historical National ICR Project User Guide, Version 13.1, dated July 2012, provides more information.

Reason Code 07: The Other State Provided an SSN for This Participant

We matched your case with a case in the other state, but you did not submit an SSN for the participant and the other state did. We provided the other state’s SSN for this participant in your case and a verification indicator shows whether the Social Security Administration (SSA) verified the SSN. SSA verifies name and SSN combinations for all participants receiving Reason Code 07.

  • If SSA has verified the SSN provided by the other state, update your system with this participant’s SSN.
  • When a participant's SSN is provided by the other state via Reason Code 07, ensure they are submitted to the FCR. This will allow the FCR to verify the newly added SSN based on the person’s name, SSN, date of birth, sex, and other available demographic data.
  • If the provided SSN is for the NCP, and they are in locate status, consider the appropriate enforcement actions to take.

Hot Tip Image   OCSE recommends that you reconcile Reason Code 07 through automated processes.

Reason Code 08: The Other State Provided a Different SSN for This Participant

We matched your case with a case in the other state, but the SSN you provided for this participant did not match the SSN from the other state. We provided the other state’s SSN for this participant in your case and a verification indicator that shows whether SSA has verified the provided SSN as valid. SSA verifies name and SSN combinations for all participants receiving Reason Code 08.

  • If you receive a different SSN for a participant in your case, confirm you have an SSN verified as valid for that participant. If the SSN you have on your system for this participant is unverified or verified as invalid, add the other state’s SSN for this participant if it has been verified.
  • If you and the other state have different SSNs verified as valid for this participant, consider adding the other state’s SSN as an alias. This participant might legally have multiple valid SSNs.
  • When a participant's SSN has been changed to the other state’s SSN, ensure they are submitted to the FCR. This will allow the FCR to verify the newly added SSN based on the person’s name, SSN, date of birth, sex, and other available demographic data. This will permit you to benefit from all proactive matching available through the FCR.
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