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Publication Date: June 16, 2020

Partnering with Courts to Enroll Non-custodial Parents into Employment Services Programs Visit disclaimer page (Recording)
August 19, 2020

During this webinar we heard from judges and child support leaders about their experience partnering to recruit and enroll noncustodial parents into employment programs. The webinar highlighted successful strategies for working with courts to secure their participation and maximize their role in a child support-led employment program for noncustodial parents.

You will learn:

  • Reasons judges value having the ability to order participation into noncustodial parent employment programs
  • Staffing models to support collaboration with courts
  • Strategies for sharing information between child support, employment program partners, and the courts
  • Methods for successfully using review hearings and judicial sanctions to promote and improve program participation

Partnering with TANF for Employment Services for Noncustodial Parents (Recording)
November 19, 2019

This webinar will help state human services leaders, child support directors, and other leaders and decision-makers design, implement, or further develop employment program partnerships to increase NCP employment, child support compliance, and economic mobility.

You will learn:

  • Successful approaches to partnering with TANF
  • Specific funding models
  • Employment program operational overviews
  • Key lessons learned

Reinvesting Child Support Incentive Payments and Section 1115 Waivers for Employment Services for Noncustodial Parents Visit disclaimer page
March 2, 2020

This webinar will help state child support directors, leaders in human services, and decision makers gain insight into the use of exemptions and waivers to design and implement noncustodial parent employment programs.

You will learn:

  • Requirements of the exemption request and waiver application process
  • Key elements to consider about each funding model
  • Overviews of employment program models and the services provided
  • Results, challenges, successes, and key lessons learned
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