Need Help With Your Case?

Publication Date: January 31, 2019

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement oversees the national child support program.
We do not manage individual cases or have direct access to case information.

If your case is with one state or tribe:

Contact your local child support office. It’s your best resource!  They can access your case and update information.

If your case involves two of more states or tribes:

A child support case that has multiple agencies involved can be more complex and may require coordination.

Start by contacting your local office. If you need help coordinating information with the agencies involved, use this form to contact us Visit disclaimer page .

If you have an international case:

Your local office may have to work with a foreign country to establish or enforce your child support order. If you need help working with a foreign child support agency, use this form to contact us Visit disclaimer page .

If you want to submit a formal complaint, ask your state child support agency about their process for customer service issues. You’ll find the state’s contact information and website on our state child support map. The state website may have helpful information or have a complaint form available.

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