OCSE Services Available to State and Tribal Child Support Programs

Publication Date: June 4, 2019

Words related to OCSE services arranged in the shape of the United StatesWe offer a Menu of Services available to all state and tribal child support programs. Each OCSE regional program office has assigned a Program Specialist to states and tribes as their primary contact for day-to-day operations and their main resource for training and technical assistance services, such as these examples:

  • Conduct site visits
  • Host regional state and tribal meetings
  • Review state and tribal plans and related legislation
  • Share best practices
  • Help resolve problems
  • Promote efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensure programs adopt and conform to federal laws, regulations, and policies

Our Menu of Services is divided into three sections: training, technical assistance, and major resources. Each service on the menu includes these details:

  • Basic identification number
  • Title
  • Short description
  • Whether available to states, tribes, or both
  • Suggested target audience
  • Hyperlinks to additional resources, if applicable

You should contact your OCSE Regional Program Specialist to talk about your specific needs and the OCSE Menu of Services. We will provide services based on the availability of required resources at the time of your request. Thank you for understanding.

Download the PDF to read more. (PDF)

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