QUICK: OCSE and State Responsibilities

Publication Date: March 1, 2018

OCSE and participating states have specific roles and responsibilities for the QUICK program.

State Responsibilities

Case Data

  • Make available as many QUICK data elements as possible for other states to view
  • Supply a minimum of one year of financial information, if available

Web Tools

  • Use a proxy server to handle web application requests
  • Use a web service client to handle web service requests
  • Install one of the latest three versions of these browsers on the user workstations: MS Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox

Technical Resources

  • Assign the technical resources necessary to plan, develop, and implement the application’s design
  • Assign a technical point of contact once QUICK is operational to respond to conditions that cause data to be unavailable in real time
  • Ensure ongoing technical support and maintenance of the necessary hardware and software


  • Sustain a secure connection with the OCSE web server using the protocol approved by OCSE
  • Authorize and authenticate all users requesting to view another state’s data
  • Authorize and authenticate the OCSE web server before responding to requests
  • Keep an audit trail of user IDs and case IDs for requests for data
  • Apply the same standards, procedures, and protocols to QUICK requests as used for other requests to prevent unauthorized access
  • Promptly investigate suspected abuse or misuse of data requested or received

OCSE Responsibilities

  • Offer business guidance on data mapping, data element definitions, and case activity statements
  • Process requests for information and forward them to responding states
  • Process responses received and forward them to requesting states
  • Offer technical support to ensure that the states’ data are available in real time
  • Deliver audit data monthly to all participating states
  • Publish a list of participating states and the data they provide in QUICK, so states know all potential sources of information
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