Release 02-02 Minor: Manifest

Publication Date: July 15, 2002

Describes the following Federal Case Registry (FCR), Intergovernmental Referral Guide (IRG) and Federal Offset (FOP) enhancements for implementation in November 2002:

  • Give states the option to receive the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH) Proactive Match Record with the submitted address if the address does not pass FINALIST
  • Eliminate Locates if the Employee Address is blank
  • Give states the ability to change the obligor's name, address, and case identifier (ID) on a Federal Offset active case
  • Provide Automated Fee Reversal State Summary Totals Reports via CONNECT:Direct
  • State Payments on prior year offsets will not be rejected when the accumulated payment amount is greater than the total adjustments for that year
  • Add new address description, local Child Support Enforcement (CSE) to county address types

Also provides contact information, state impact and business requirements for each enhancement.


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