Release 13-01 Major: Manifest

Publication Date: September 4, 2012

Describes the following Debt Inquiry Service (DIS), Electronic Income Withholding Order (e-IWO), Federal Case Registry (FCR), Federal Offset Program (FOP), Insurance Match (IM), Intergovernmental Referral Guide (IRG) and Query Interstate Cases for Kids (QUICK) enhancements for implementation in January 2013:

  • Success Stories are Viewable by All Users in the Same State
  • Local Code is Being Provided for Each DIS Match Sent to States
  • New Suspense Disposition Code in e-IWO Acknowledgments
  • States Can Search for Employers on NDNH
  • Non-Child Support Locates May Be Requested Without an SSN
  • AWR Locates are Now a Separate IRS Locate Request
  • Daily Update Processing for Federal Offset
  • Corrected SSN Enhancement
  • Insurance Match File Can Be Downloaded via State Services Portal
  • IRG Interface Redesigned for OCSE Website
  • SSP States Can View Other States’ Data without Providing QUICK Data
  • Display Specific Message When State System is Down for Scheduled Maintenance
  • Accessing QUICK via SSP Requires a QUICK Role be Present
  • New QUICK Role that Does Not Display FTI

Also provides contact information, state impact and business requirements for each enhancement.


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