Release 20-04 Minor: Manifest

Publication Date: August 12, 2020

This release manifest (PDF) describes the IRG, QUICK, FCE, and Portal enhancements for implementation in Release 20-04:

  • Add Nicaragua FTC to the IRG (CLI-8683)
  • Disable ability to delete IRG county contacts (CLI-8058)
  • Add EDE and FVC Address Types to the IRG (CLI-8746)
  • Update IRG CSENet address download to include new Address Types and Nicaragua country (CLI-8812)
  • Allow states to manage their own QUICK state profile preferences on the Portal (CLI-8818)
  • Create a monthly report of state users who have not accessed the Portal in a year (CSP-9421)
  • Make pending reversal reports available for download on the Portal (FCE-8922)


Current as of: