Release 21-01 Minor: Manifest

Publication Date: February 1, 2021

This release manifest (PDF) describes the IRG, FCR, EDE, e-IWO, and State Profile Administrator enhancements for implementation in Release 20-04:

  • Add Technical CSENet Contact address type to the IRG
  • Update EDE to Save the User-Selected county code
  • Update e-IWO record layout and PDF IWO form to support OMB renewal 
  • Add ability to search for documents by Case ID
  • Allow users to remove an unsolicited document selected in error 
  • Update IRG CSENet Address Download to include New Address for Technical CSENet Contact
  • Provide option to Use Email Address and contact information from State User Profile
  • Provide option to Use Email Address from State User Profile for Locate and DOD Entitlement applications
  • Allow state users to maintain contact information on QUICK and Passport Denial
  • Create a monthly report of users who have not accessed the Portal in a year


Current as of: