Tribal Child Support Budget Toolbox

Publication Date: August 16, 2017

The Tribal Budget Toolbox contains standardized spreadsheets, training PowerPoints, and other materials to help tribal child support agencies submit their budget by August 1 each year. The toolbox is the result of a collaboration between OCSE and the Office of Grants Management to create uniformity and consistency in the budget submission process.


Tribal Budget Toolbox Materials

# File Description
1 Checklist.pdf  (PDF)(121 KB) A list of required information to include in an annual tribal child support Budget Packet submission.
2 Budget Packet.pdf   (PDF)(983 KB) Detailed guidance and information to help create a uniform and organized budget packet, including budget submission methods and the use of GrantSolutions.
3 Tribal Budget and Justification Narrative Template Two options for creating the budget and justification narrative:
  Option 1 - Microsoft Excel Template.xlsx (XLSX) (119 KB) An Excel template that may be used to develop and submit the required Tribal Budget and Justification Narrative.

Option 2 - Microsoft Word Template.docx (DOCX) (73 KB)

Word Template in PDF (PDF)

A Word template that may be used to develop and submit the required Tribal Budget and Justification Narrative.


The PDF version of the Microsoft template is available for 508 compliance.

4 Non-Federal Share of Child Support Expenditures Fact Sheet.pdf (PDF) (151 KB)
Information about the non-federal share contribution tribes must provide to receive funding for operating a comprehensive tribal child support program.
5 Talking Points for Directors.pdf  (PDF)(111 KB) A tool to help tribal child support directors educate stakeholders about child support federal funding and the budget process.
6 Budget Requirements - Allowable Costs Training.pdf (PDF) (485 KB) Describes budget requirements found in the Code of Federal Regulations regarding allowable costs; the reasonable, necessary and allocable requirement; and cost allocation.
7 Toolbox Training.pdf (PDF) (2 MB) A PDF version of the May 12, 2016 webinar training on the components of a complete budget package, new tools for budget development, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid for a smooth budget approval process. Below is a link to the on-demand version of this presentation.

Webinar - Tribal Budget Toolbox Overview

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